Africave brings the best software engineering talent to your team.

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    UI/UX designer

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    Why Africave?

    Full time software engineers, not freelancers

    Scale On Demand Without Sacrificing Quality

    There should be no limit to your ability to scale. As your needs grow, Africave scales with you, reducing your cost and time to hire quality talent. You never have to worry about change in strategy or deliverables because Africave engineers work full-time towards delivering the highest quality output for you alone.

    High-Performance Teams

    We infuse high-performing technology talent into your team. You tap into the fastest-growing pool of software engineers in the world, giving you a leg-up to outperform your competition, and yourself.

    Expertise in Validating Skillset

    Our verified Expertise Map allows us to uncover engineer abilities in line with specific requirements for the role. Our engineers spend hours validating their skillset and we leave no stone unturned in screening for the best talent.

    Consequently, we zoom into a pool of rigorously tested candidates and find you quality talent suited for your specific needs.

    Transparent Pricing, With Zero-risk Free Trial Period

    No recruiting fees. No hidden charges. You simply pay an agreed-upon monthly salary per resource.

    We offer a 1 – 2 week zero-risk trial period. If you do not like the quality of our work, you do not get charged for that time.

    "Our core technologies are: Python, Javascript, Typescript, Kotlin, React, Golang, Php, and Angular"

    We help you escape the challenges of remote work


    Confidentiality Agreements

    Hardware Security

    Cyber Insurance

    Security Compliances

    Co-located Office Spaces

    Engineers who work together

    High-speed Internet Connection

    IT Support Team

    Best-in-class Spaces

    Mentoring & Feedback

    Project-based professional mentoring from in-house senior engineers.



    System Thinking

    Cultural Intelligence

    HR Management


    Performance Management


    Statutory Compliances

    Guaranteed Time Overlap

    5-hour guaranteed overlap

    Building a company can be difficult. Building a team shouldn’t be.

    We validate the skills of the top 2% of talent. We set up onboarding, confidentiality agreements, communication infrastructure, performance management & direct company payroll.

    You focus on building your company.

    You are engaged with engineers like your local full-time team members and they work organically towards delivering highest quality results for you alone.

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  • We are Africave: We provide global corporations affordable access to software engineering teams in Africa.

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    Africave collaborates with you to build high-performance engineering teams. High performers push the envelope. They transform industries. They outperform the competition, and themselves. We show you how.